WiFi 1200W LED Grow Light

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Power:                      1200W
LED Qty:                  96pcs 5W LED & 8pcs 90W COB
Voltage :                  AC85-265V
Work frequency: 50/60Hz
Lumen :                   21050Lm
Dimmension:        848X385X118mm
N.W :                          14.8kg
Coverage :              1.5×1.0 m
Warranty :               50000 hours

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●  Cell phone or tablet can be used as a remote control.

●  3 separate channels control the intensity from 0-99%.

●  Channel 1: COB (mainly red).

●  Channel 2: half of the 5W diodes (mainly blue).

●  Channel 3: half of the 5W diodes (UV,IR , White etc.

●  One APP can  control unlimited number of fixtures at the same time or in different groups ,perfect for large grow areas.

●  Connect the gateway to the rounter , devices can be controlled worldwide .

●  Data can be shared between two controllers.

●  Timing function available.

●  Full spectrum , ideal for seedling to harvest growth .

●  50000 hours rating .

●  connect the ziggbee gateway to the WIFI router,you can control your lights in every corner of the world.



Dedicated to the filed for more than 10 years , LED grow lights made by MX achieved amazing results across plants like Cannabis , leafygreens , fruits vegetables , flowers etc in a wide range applications such as greenhouse , grow tent , vertical farm , plant factory.


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