LED plant Grow light of the people at home to grow vegetables

Classification : Company news Dec-07-2018

As an example: a plant grow box has 5 layers, covered with LED Grow lights for 18 hours to supplement the plants with light, so that the ripening period of vegetables can be shortened by 1/3 to achieve increased production. The annual electricity cost for using LED lights is about 100$. In addition, based on the consumption of 8000$ of vegetables per year for a family, the price of purchasing a plant growth box is 882-1029$, and the cost of the box can be saved in 2 years.

“This way you can use LED Grow lights instead of light, and people can grow vegetables at home.”

On August 8, Yi Jixian, China. The company chairman of someone, said in an interview that recently, the company built a small-scale modern agricultural industry demonstration project and new town in National Agricultural Science and Technology Park in City. Modern residential projects.

He introduced that plants can perform about 18 hours of photosynthesis every day. Due to limited sunlight, the company has mastered LED technology to promote plant growth after several years of experiments, and solved the problem of high energy consumption in indoor growth. At present, the company has completed product design work for plant factories and plant growth boxes, and is expected to enter the market around October.

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