LED plant growth lamp knowledge, how much do you know

Classification : Company news Dec-07-2018

First, the plant lamp spectrum 660nm red light and 450nm blue light and what chip is currently made in Hongkong chip is very efficient 660nm42mil up to 2.5μmol / J efficiency 45% import does not consider expensive several times what is better, the most important to see the heat dissipation efficiency light The aging life greatly increases the heat dissipation.

Light formula (confidential or patent) ppf ppfd μmol

Red light plant long and long blue light control long and long infrared light long UV light UVA curb long

The combination of red and blue is best (because you and I have no light formula). The red light plant absorbs 85%. The blue light plant absorbs 13%. It needs red and blue lamp bead ratio and other spectrum-induced plant photosensitizer. But it is also a waste of other spectrum plants lacking photosensitizer. The light profit rate will also be reduced and the light needs to be different for different growing seasons. The different plants will not be replenished as much as the sun does not have the sun 130-180w/m2. The acre land needs at least 85kw to fill the light for one hour and forty fifty yuan.

Fill light? Molmol/J Mainly look at LED chip area 12mil 14mil Efficiency is much lower than 42mil The same LED lamp bead also depends on its efficiency curve 350-700ma (1-3w) lamp bead work 400-450ma highest efficiency

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