What is the difference between LED plant lights and LED lights?

Classification : Company news Dec-18-2018

All are LED lights.
1. The plant lamp is based on plants and mainly provides visible light of red and blue wavelengths required for photosynthesis of plants. Usually there are red light beads and blue light beads with a certain proportion. Red and blue wavelengths of light are effective for plant photosynthesis, including the red and blue effects. Generally red light promotes growth, blue light inhibits or controls growth. Both lights are effective. Different proportions of red and blue light can be flexibly configured according to different plants and different growth periods.
2, the lighting is for people to illuminate, generally white light, or warm yellowish yellow, cool blue tones. This is to provide lighting for places and environments where people are active. The color of the object illuminated by the human eye to white light (daylight white) is the most accurate. Therefore, the lights are generally white light, while the decorative lights may have other colors, not discussed here.
The use of white LEDs can also illuminate plants, because white light contains red and blue wavelengths, especially full-spectrum white LEDs, which can be used as plants. Can meet the photosynthesis needs of plants. However, plants can only use the wavelength of the red light in the white light, that is, the white light has many wavelengths of other colors, which are useless to plants and do not work. Under the same power, the efficiency of the plant lamp is much higher, and the light it emits can be used almost by plants. The white light is not acceptable.

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