X-Grow 189PCS/3W LED Grow Light

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Specifications:          189X3W LED

LED power:               567W

Voltage:                      AC100-265V

Work frequency:      50/60Hz

Lumen :                      7938Lm

Dimmension:            280X1800X70mm

G.W:                             9.6kg/1pcs

Warranty :                  50000 hours

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● 189pcs full 3W LED as the light source.

●  Double lens makes the light more concentrated,the light penetrability is greatly ascend.

●  lnput voltage 100-265V,works at any country.

●  Support for multiple devices in series one by one.

● Suitable for clone, vegetable and flowering.

●  Mini size-very useful lighting fixture for a small area of plants.

●  2 butions can control the light intensity easily.

●  Environment friendly, don’t contain the harmful substance.

● 50,000 Hour Lifespan. led-grow-light-full-spectrum-_26


Dedicated to the filed for more than 10 years , LED grow lights made by MX achieved amazing results across plants like Cannabis , leafygreens , fruits vegetables , flowers etc in a wide range applications such as greenhouse , grow tent , vertical farm , plant factory 未标题-1_02

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